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Carol Nesmith                              Chris NeSmith
With Possum Sweater Cock                                                                                             With Possum Sweater Cock

Gilmore Hatch

Yellow Leg Hatch & Radio Hen's

Sweater Cock & Sweater Pullets

Sweater Possum

Hoskins Grey & Hoskins Pullets

Sweater Stuart Stag

Sweater Stuart

Kelso Brood Pen

Possum Sweater Stag & Possum Sweater Pullets

5K Sweater Brood Cock

Yellow Leg Stuart Stag & Sweater Pullets

Sweater Stuart Stag

Pure Yellow Leg Stuart Brood Cock

String Walk Field View 1

Brood cock Field

String Walk Field View 2

String Walk Field View 3

More to come Soon!